Your current writing can be used in the future

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By writing, you build your database of written memories. This is knowledge in written form you can retrieve and reuse in the future for future projects.

In the process of preparing this blog, I dug into my database and surprised myself with the amount of thinking and creativity I demonstrated, the resource base I built up from prior reading and viewing, and the many useful thoughts and scattered pieces of writing that can be reused.

Before I integrated my combined notes system into my life, I've forgotten many amazing thoughts and ideas, lost to time. I now instead capture my thoughts and memories along the day. I can no longer return to trying to memorise my ideas and hope I'll remember it when it becomes useful and actionable in the future (especially since your brain can forget things while your notes cannot. I now have certainty that my thoughts, ideas and memories are safe and can be re-discovered when they become useful and actionable.

This habit of writing everything down allows you to work on something that is beneficial to your future self. Integrated into your life as a habit, this takes minimal effort but its beneficial effects will snowball into something much greater for your future self.

See other reasons for why I write everything down.

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