It's okay to procrastinate and not work sometimes

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When you're not working or procrastinating and a voice at the back of your head is bugging you, say to yourself: "It's okay to not work sometimes. It's okay to take a break."

This means you are resting intentionally. You're actively using this time to rest your mind and body to prepare for your next productive session. To maximise the use of this time, we should let go of anything bugging us. Write it down in a trusted system and empty it from your mind. After all, how can you rest if it's bugging you?

Procrastination does have its benefits. Your work and thoughts are still cooking subconsciously in your mind- your subconscious mind will solve problems and come up with ideas for you. (More on this in the future).

Taking a brief break can also help restore productivity. Our focus and productivity tends to declines over the course of around 20-30 minutes. Taking a moment to break can restore this focus.


Although, you shouldn't procrastinate too much...

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