Time Tracking - 10% of my time is unproductive consuming time

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I keep a fairly detailed record of how I use time through BlockyTime (not sponsored).

Before I sleep, I record my approximation of what type of activity I did, and at what time I did it.

Activities include: Sleep, Eating, Cooking, Transit, Cleaning, Outing Events, Home Events, Chatting, Writing, Study, Assignments, Work, Gaming, Watching Videos, Reading, Exercise, Side Projects, Learning, Rest/Chill, etc.

I've been keeping this up for over a year now, although my categories have changed since (adding more to more precisely track the type of activity).

I think this is a pretty good way of telling how much free time you actually have, how much time you spent working, and how much time you chose to spend on things that improved your life (e.g. side projects).

Using an average from my data set post-category changes, I can conclude that for the past 7 months, I used approximately 10% of my time, 2.4 hrs (2 hr 24 min) a day on things such as watching videos, browsing the internet, reading up on news, idle time and playing games.

Obviously, an average number from this large date range covers both my study times, work times, and my holidays. I'm more busy sometimes, I'm less busy sometimes.

Is that a lot? I don't know.
I'd like to think that it's time I earned by being efficient throughout my day.

Do I want to reduce it? I can't say. Any less and I think my happiness will seriously decline.

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