Multi-person Digital Gardens

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I'm thinking Listed could be a good way to form multi-person digital gardens.

Digital gardens are a set of informal notes and blog posts that link to other notes within the same system.

Some examples include:

I find that these gardens tend to be purely tended to (hah) by the original author, with links to various resources for context and in reference support of the writing.

However, it seems quite rare to directly link to posts by other people in response to their thinking and writing. has this potential. Blogs here do not exist in isolation; they are supported by other active blogs, writers and readers on the same platform, allowing for thinking to be readily shared and for responses to be readily found. Especially since it's quite easy to link to other posts and blogs.

Maybe that defeats the purpose of Listed, to write to "An audience of one". Then again, the whole idea is to share.

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