2020, a Special Year for Growth

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As a healthcare profession student, I play some role in the response against COVID-19. (Stay safe.) I don't wish for such an awful event to happen to humanity again anytime soon.

However, this last year (and early 2021), with special study and work arrangements, by cutting time in things such as transit, study/work idle time, (unnecessary outings and socialising time?,) I was granted more spare time than usual to work on my side projects, personal goals and other 'important' tasks I may not have had the opportunity to do:

  • Redesign my systems and workflows
  • Learn about UI Design - Learned about good UI design and guidelines
  • Do some app development - A minimum viable product is there
  • Write research papers - Manuscript complete soon enough
  • Prepare medication information leaflets for patients
  • Writing long essays on my own volition
  • Have significant relationship developments
  • Read a lot more
  • Doing plenty of career research
  • Learning plenty about finance and business management
  • Building a notes database
  • Building up to this blog

I lost the opportunity to do many things this year. But I can't say that I didn't grow- I got to experience and learn things I would unlikely have had the opportunity to experience otherwise.

This alone is a good argument to keep flexible study and work arrangements in our future.

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