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I note "studying" as a theme of this blog, yet I don't recall ever sharing things specific to studying.

I'd be quite happy to share on these topics:

  • How I climbed my way up from being a mediocre/below-average student (in term of grades) to standing among the top of my cohort
  • Evidence-based study methods
  • Study methods I tried and my comments on their effectiveness/efficiency
  • 'Studying (flashcard)' software (Anki, Remnote...)
  • How I top scored in some university classes and tests/exams
  • Role of goals and motivation in academic achievement

(Among others. These are just the ones that immediately came to my mind.)

I wonder if others would find it helpful and valuable. Do leave a note on my guestbook if you think it would- I'll start occasionally writing pieces on these topics.

Thank you for following my writing.

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