Capturing shower thoughts

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Whatโ€™s a good way of capturing your shower thoughts?

Shower thoughts tend to be good thinking. The lack of intelligible noise (or at least the white noise) in the shower, the lack of attention and cognitive effort required to shower, and in general the lack of external stimuli makes it a good place to think.

I get so many thoughts during the shower. A lot of my writing and ideas originates from these thoughts. I try to capture them as soon as possible in a written format. Standard Notes is a reasonable option for quick-capture due to its accessibility across so many devices and fast loading.

Yet, I still forget around half of my shower thoughts. Even if I try to keep them in my head, to group/chain the thoughts and commit them to my short-term memory, to recall them periodically to push them towards long-term memory, I still get distracted sometimes and forget the thought, before I can commit them into long-term memory or build a proper 'hook' to retrieve them from long term memory in the future.

So many of shower thoughts are valuable thinking related to my interests or related to my goals. I need to find a better way to capture these.

I would love to hear your suggestions.

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