Past Paper Analysis Method for Choosing Flash Card Subjects

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I also do what I call "past paper analysis". I view as many available years of past papers as possible (not more than 10 though, if that many are available) to get a very good grasp of exactly what topics they will test, which topics they will never test, what type of question will be asked, and what subtopic within each topic will be asked.

Only subtopics that are historically (possibly repeatedly) tested or have a very good chance of being tested I will include in my flash card system.

If I put in everything in the lecture, that would be far too much to digest every day- hundreds of cards per lecture will not help anyone.

Any topic and subtopic outside of this list I will just generally understand and be done with. If they test it in multiple-choice questions, I will understand enough to derive the answer given available information (or make an educated guess) or at least can recall from memory given the hook (the multiple-choice answer).

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