Project sustainability and life sustainability

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We concern ourselves with the sustainability of our projects. We should put the same amount of concern on our life practices. Both internally and externally, our actions require energy. Physically within our body, and externally in the environment. Our mental energy counts too (we mentally become tired as well as physically).

We strain ourselves to the limit, straining our bodies, draining the physical and mental resources contained with us, while draining the resources in our environment around us- many of our activities nowadays require electricity or another source of energy.

We should put more concern on how our actions affect our health and the environment, for when advances related to this becomes increasingly the case, each of us will be drawing more energy than ever from ever-increasing productivity, and drawing energy for longer than ever before with our increasing life and health longevity.

Translation: I want to live on this planet for a long time to come; there's no Earth v2 or Self v2 (Mars is not Earth v2). I am certain there are others who would want the same.

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