Making commitments publicly for accountability and for like-minded people to join you - 100 Days Of Code (kind of)

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100 days of code (kind of) to learn Python

I started the 100 days of code challenge for python 3 days ago. Currently on day 3.

Python is something I wanted to learn for a long time as I think it'll be useful in the future, but I never seriously got past beginner syntax or found applications for it.

Now, I found something I can follow along to start building up my skills. I don't think I can strictly commit to 1 hour every single day, but a few minutes every single day or a few hours a week is definitely something doable. I've proven this to myself in the past two months, taking an extra online course on pharmaceutical drug development for hours each week.

Why commit publicly?

I think committing to things publicly will give some degree of accountability to a commitment. Certainly more than just a purely self-enforced "I'll do it" commitment. At least progress, a timeline, and your reflections along the way can be visibly seen on a public record.

It's also a good way to reduce the feeling of going alone on a journey. There'll be others also doing a similar challenge and hoping to find others on the way. Perhaps there'll be someone in the same position I was in (wanted to learn but never got started or never figured out where to start), and this might give them the push they need.

Also, thank you whoever commented on my guestbook. Really makes my day. :)

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