The Most Influential Book I've Read on Online Writing (Plus a Free New Ebook)

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The Art and Business of Online Writing by Nicolas Cole was the most valuable book I've read last year about online writing.

This book plus the writing course Ship 30 For 30 and the 100 Day Writing Challenge on is what gave me the courage to share valuable learnings and experiences on social media, for those who might find it useful.

Recently, Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush (both highly successful online writers) have written a new ebook on online writing, The 5 Pillars Of Digital Writing, and is giving it out for free (until November 25).

Link here.

This new book summarised the most important lessons and guidelines around:

  • Overcoming the major barriers to online writing
  • Working with data to grow your writing
  • Coming up with writing ideas
  • Writing headlines
  • Writing and formatting the actual content
  • Making money from your writing

Consider giving their ebook a shot if you're interested in getting started with blogging / online writing / posting on social media!

It's free at the moment, link here.

I found their books highly useful; hope someone else might find it valuable too.

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