Drifters, Dreamers, and Doers

There are 3 types of people in this world-

Drifters: Those who do not think or care about future outcomes.

Dreamers: Those who think about future outcomes, but don't care enough in the present to take action.

Doers: Those who think and care enough in the present about future outcomes to take action.

I find myself moving down that list as I grew up.

From someone who really didn't care, to someone who dreamed but didn't take any responsibility, and now to someone who assumes control over outcomes.

I would pin this personality growth towards 'Doers' down to consuming 3 particular pieces of media:

  1. A video about the Standard Marshmallow Experiment (Youtube link)
  2. A Ted Talk (and later a book) on Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck (Youtube link)*
  3. A video about investing by Ali Abdaal (Youtube link)

*I don't think it's necessarily that one, but close enough.

These 3 really triggered a change in the way I think:

  • That I am able to control my destiny, or at least I have the power to exert control over the things that are controllable.
  • That hard work now will pay off later.
  • That failures now are fine as long as you learn from them, and you shouldn't be scared of trying things for fear of failure.

I hope you might find the videos interesting.


I've been asking myself for a couple of years now how I developed an action-oriented growth mindset during high school and/or my early years in university.

I think I've finally been able to pin it down to these 3 main trigger points of information/influence.

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