Why I write everything down

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Just over a year ago, I started the habit of writing down my life happenings. From activities, major tasks that day, achievements, thoughts, emotions, relationship developments, noteworthy things I read... I'd throw them all into my note taking system, consisting primarily of Standard Notes in conjunction with Obsidian.

Standard Notes acts as my daily journal and my daily thought and memory dumping ground.

Obsidian is where I expand on some of my notes and thoughts after I copy it over and connect them with other notes via linking and tagging.

I see my system as a thought repository, saving thoughts as a written artifact for my brain to freely forget and rediscover as necessary, building a memory repository for my current and future self. A digital system allows me to access my written thoughts and memories whenever and wherever I want through my mobile devices and freely search through them.

This practice has several benefits:

I'll expand on these in the coming days, building up my public digital garden.

I'd recommend this practice to anyone who wants to do something every day for their future self. It's never too late to start building your thought database for life.

First post; I commit to the #100Days challenge.
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