It's Okay to Switch Apps

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We might fall into the pit of trying to figure out a perfect system for our productivity and workflows and the perfect app for each aspect of our life e.g. note taking apps, to-do list apps, calendars, time schedulers...

And we end up putting time into experimenting, planning and designing a perfect system.

But that misses the point.

The most important thing is the consistent practice of using it and its accessibility to you at any point at your day.

e.g. to simply write your thoughts down somewhere, anywhere, and make sure you can access it whenever you need, such as having it stay in the cloud and on your phone. That way, you are actually doing something for your future self and building a knowledge database you can use in the future.

You can switch to new apps and systems or integrate new things into your existing workflow as needed. It's not too important to centralise everything into one app or a perfect system as long as they are readily accessible to you and can always searched through them and transferred as needed.

That being said, it's not helpful to jump to the new shiny app that just came out which promised to solve all your troubles. Just stick to what you like, what works with your existing workflow and experiment as needed.


Also, it's lunar new year.

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