Intrinsic Motivation vs Extrinsic Motivation

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I encountered the problem today of not wanting to work on something assigned to me with a deadline imposed. Yet, I wanted to instead write on my blog.

I think this is a good illustration of 'intrinsic' vs 'extrinsic' motivation.

I write the blog with 'intrinsic motivation', doing it for the satisfaction of doing it rather than an external reward. I do this to share knowledge I think should be shared, and to build my own written knowledge database.

In comparison, tasks assigned to be with external deadlines impose offer 'extrinsic motivation', to do something to receive an award or to avoid punishment. Like how I would complete something before the deadline imposed on me to avoid repercussion, or to receive a good grade for it.

I seem to be less likely to procrastinate and am generally more willing to do things that I can find intrinsic motivation in.

Perhaps this will be helpful to others. Find intrinsic motivation behind your tasks. This helps you live with intention, be more productive and be happier doing the task.

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