Maximise Your Luck

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To some extent, we can control the rate in which lucky events occur to us. Getting a particular job, position, award, relationship and other opportunities can be considered 'luck' based. However, we are able to maximise the chance for a good outcome by going for as many opportunities as possible, so that we maximise our surface area for catching what we consider 'lucky' events.

By taking more opportunities, participating in events, getting to know people, taking a risk and investing time into start your own projects, taking on different responsibilities, we can build a strong experience and skill background that opens up more connections and future opportunities for ourselves. The end outcome of the opportunity you took may also act as a stepping stone to further opportunities.

Therefore, luck comes to those who go out of their way to explore and try. This way, you open yourself up to many more opportunities than you would otherwise passively receive. Those who put in the effort and try in life are awarded with more opportunities.

Do be prepared to fail and receive rejection. However, we should keep an “activation thinking” mindset, the “I should try, I might get accepted” kind of thinking rather than “inhibition thinking”, the “I shouldn’t bother, I won’t get accepted anyway” kind of thinking. When faced with uncertainty, it's better for our future selves if we just try regardless.

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