Emptiness, and Important but not urgent

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Feeling real empty after ending a massive deadline rush.

I had 4 assessments in the past 2 days. Almost the entirety of the time during the recent weeks outside eat, sleep and hygiene was distributed to work and study.

Now that they're over, this sudden lack of immediate goals, tasks, and deadlines left me with a sense of emptiness and lack of direction. Time seemed to have slowed down (quite an interesting phenomenon, how we experience time).

These short-term deadline tasks and projects are things other people assigned to me. According to the Eisenhower Matrix, they tend to be items which are urgent due to the assigned deadline, but not important as they tend to not particularly advance your own goals or otherwise life improvement and self-fulfilment.

We should spend time on items which are 'important but not urgent'. They tend to be the ones that can advance and improve our lives, but given that we're the ones setting our own deadline, they are not urgent.

I have met much of my medium-term, 'important but not urgent' goals I set last year. Perhaps it's time to set new ones.

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