Tertilely Year Planning

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Some people set 'new years resolutions', goals for the year, (likely overly ambitious and immediately fail after a month and a half) to work towards for the foreseeable upcoming 12 months.

(That is where small, unambitious but sustainable changes and environmental cues help.)

I set goals and life directions that span across 4 months. So approximately 3 times a year. I find this to be a reasonable length that fits my life. It balances enough time for significant achievements to be made, but not so much time that progress is never made. These would be intermediate, achievable and specific steps towards long term, vague directional goals.

Creators such as CGP Grey would recommend quarterly year planning, according to seasons, and highly unspecific directional goals ("themes" for your general direction and decision making).

I personally find 4 times a year a bit too frequent. 3 times a year is a nice step down.

A tertile is a distribution divided by 3, just as a quartile is a distribution divided by 4.

I don't think 'tertilely' is a word, but I think it fits well here.

...yes I'm catching up my posts with double posts today and tomorrow.

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