Appreciating Rest - Consistency is Key

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I find that I appreciate rest a lot more after a period of rushed, concentrated work, the same way I appreciate work a lot more after I had too much time to rest.

Consistency is key- to consistently mix in rest between days of work, rather than large periods of one or the other. To spend a consistent minimum and maximum amount of time on something. This would likely help prevent burnout, while also preventing any thoughts of "I'm resting too much".

This consistency is powerful in the same way habits are powerful: they build up over time into something huge.

In my time tracking endeavor, I noticed that the more time I spent studying or work, the more time I spent on unproductive things such as watching videos and playing games.

The less time I spend on studying, the less time I spend on these two unproductive activities. Instead, the time I spend on side projects, reading and writing rises.

Very interesting pattern there. Perhaps it's an issue with me reaching a cognitive effort limit every day with studying or working on side projects, while it takes less (or I perceive it as less demanding) when doing a 'consuming' behaviour for videos and games, or an issue with the former activities building stress, and the latter perceived as an activity to decrease stress.

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