Recording how we spend our time; What is a meaningful activity?

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Read "My Life in Months 🗓️" by Alicia's Notes (@lissy93) today.

The piece details how the author spent their life as a breakdown in month time units.

I often wonder about how I'm spending the time I have in my life too. I therefore tracking how I spend every day.

I think these methods of representing how you spend your time are good ways of condensing this information into a comprehensible form. It shows exactly what you are doing with your time and allows you to reflect on it.

Does it match what you want, both in an 'ideal' sense and a 'happiness/fulfillment' sense?

A quote from the author:

"I am now having an mini existential crisis after seeing how much of my life I have spent on relatively meaningless activities!"

I'm now questioning: What is a meaningful activity? How does one measure or determine which activities in their life are meaningful?

I think my answer would be something around: the activities which bring both my present and future self the most happiness and fulfillment.

What would be your answer?

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