Chronic Stress and Depression may induce brain neuron death - Antidepressants may reverse this

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Read this study today, "Chronic Unpredictable Stress Promotes Neuronal Apoptosis in the Cerebral Cortex".

Apparently, chronic depression and stress induces neuron death in the brain.

This study details how chronic stress and stress-induced depression resulted in DNA fragmentation and neuronal death in rodents, possible due to the release of stress hormones and amino acids.

In the same study, anti-depressant medications were shown to potentially to reduce neuronal cell death and induce neurogenesis (where neurons are generated from neural stem cells).

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Chapter 14 - Sex Differences in Rodent Cognitive Processing and Responses to Chronic Stress

Apparently, chronic stress also impairs learning and memory (in rodents), and this effect is suggested to be sex-dependent.

Read "Gaya Concept or 122/365 or Day 5 of HybridLove" by @Cubes yesterday.

Very interesting analogy relating digital ecosystems to natural ecosystems.

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