I tried out a triphasic sleep schedule

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Due to having to catch up on deadlines, I had to insert sleep in between a very tight schedule, resulting in a triphasic sleep schedule during the past day and a half:

Day 0:
6-7 pm

Day 1:
2-4 am

1-3 pm

11-1 pm

Do I feel sleepy before and after each sleep session?
During the first am session (2-4 am) and first the afternoon session (1-3 pm), yes. Before morning, I woke up feeling awful, although it improved after turning the light on and letting my body balance my sleep hormones to favour waking up.

I felt alright until around 11 am, where I began to feel too tired and wanted to take a snooze soon after.

After the afternoon snooze, I felt reasonable.

Same in the evening, I felt sleepy before sleeping but felt reasonable afterwards.

Would I do it again?
No if I do not have deadlines pressing and I do not need the time to complete my work on time.

(To my future self)
I should do more research on how this kind of sleep schedule affects toxin clearance from the brain.

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