Exam time musings: People sleep later near or during exams; Alarms for lazy selves

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Exam Time Sleep Schedules

I observe that students tend to sleep later during exam period. Even students who have the best, healthiest sleep schedules (under normal circumstances) will shift their sleep schedule back by a bit, likely to generate a bit more time to study.

I also do this, despite knowing that doing so is taking a time debt with huge interest.

Perhaps our perceived marginal benefit from taking this time debt to have more time to use during exam time at the cost of time from our future selves is greater than the marginal benefit from not doing this.

How we should set alarms

We should set alarms according to most lazy, tired version of our future selves, to maximise our sleep time rather than to attempt to wake at an over-optimistic early alarm. We'll likely end up snoozing it, wasting time with low quality sleep, unlikely to fill our rest needs.

Still working on pushing sleep schedule back... although I woke later today, unfortunately. Tired. I snoozed my alarm.

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