Broken snooze sleep is worse than no sleep

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I have a really bad habit of setting waking alarms at an “optimistic” time, early enough for me to start doing a good bit of work or allow me to prepare to go out in a chill, non-hurried manner. And instead of waking when my alarm goes off, I snooze it. Again and again until an hour goes by, and by then I really have to get up or I’ll be late.

This shortens my true sleeping time by an hour, wasting time on something that just makes me more tired, given that snooze alarm broken sleep doesn’t allow you to enter any reasonable “rest” sleep phase.

I’d be better off just setting an alarm at a later, less optimistic time and fully wake up once the alarm goes off.

Also, let some sunlight in if you sleep next to a window. Light tells your body to wake up. You’ll become less sleepy once you draw partially the curtains.

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