Surround yourself with inducers, not inhibitors

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In pharmacology (pharmacokinetics specifically), different medicines (or foods) can affect how we metabolise drugs that enter our body. Drugs can 'inhibit' or 'induce' an enzyme to increase the rate at which a drug is metabolised, where inhibitors slow or prevent metabolism, while inducers increase the number of enzymes present or the activity of the enzymes, overall increasing the rate of metabolism.

I find this concept highly applicable to the people we surround ourselves with. They can be inhibitors, inducers, or neither for productivity, achieving goals, happiness, doing projects and trying new things.

Surround yourself with people who would support you with what you want to do or achieve (whether joining you on something or just offering encouragement), never with those who would inhibit.

Foods: Looking at you, grapefruit.

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