Realising How Tired We Are

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I distinctly remember once partaking in a mindfulness session with fellow students.

We breathed, meditated, and did some simple yoga (by which I mean we just lazed around on fancy mats and cushions).

Iโ€™ve briefly fallen asleep several times in this highly relaxed and calm state.

The instructor pointed out that quite a few of us were falling asleep and noted that it was good that we were relaxed and becoming aware of our own sleepiness.

The whole idea of mindfulness is to be aware of what your mind and body are feeling.

We are often more exhausted than we realise. Try this:

  1. Fill your room with soft light (not full bright light nor darkness; curtains half drawn in the afternoon works).
  2. Lie or sit down and just breathe while focusing on how your body is feeling.
  3. See if you doze off.


  • I considered saying, โ€œset a dim roomโ€ for the experiment. But thatโ€™s unfair- your body will release melatonin (a hormone that encourages sleep). To make my experiment have a borderline 100% success rate for most people, just set the room to complete darkness and preserve silence. Youโ€™ll more than likely want to fall asleep.

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