Balancing on the thin line of taking opportunities vs. avoiding overburdening

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You want to maximise the number of opportunities you take, and thereby the number of fails (and successes) you encounter.

Without overburdening yourself.

Finding the thin line between taking as many opportunities as possible and avoiding overburden is hard. Very.

Especially since you don't know how worthwhile every opportunity is for your time.

And since you can't tell the future, you don't know what opportunities will open up to you if you miss the one in front of you. If we had infinite time, a reasonable option would be to take every single opportunity we come across. The learnings, experience, and product outcomes will likely be worth it. But alas, our time is limited.

I think the best approach for balancing these two is to listen to your body:

  • Are you exhausted (physically, mentally, or socially) every day?
  • Do you have a comfortable amount of free time? If the answer is yes followed by no, you're likely treading on the state of being overburdened.

Adapt a "no unless certain yes" attitude until the commitments decrease, and consider what's important to you. Are your existing commitments things you consider important and improve your life?

If your answer is otherwise, i.e. you feel fine and have more than a comfortable amount of free time, take opportunities when you come across one. Initiate projects and approach others. Maximise your luck.

On 'missing' opportunities, it's best to have an intentional mindset when making this consideration. You chose to do something else because your priorities didn't align at that moment in time.

Balance your life by listening to your body and being intentional.

Read 'Kuma.' by @moonchild earlier. Kuma sounds so sweet. Keep those happy memories deep in your heart for a long time to come.

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