Task managers bring order, a place to start, and sets your priorities straight

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Due to the massive number of tasks and projects queued up, I've completely fallen behind in maintaining my task manager. (I use Things 3; not sponsored.)

I have to rebuild a new temporary one, consisting of my projects and tasks organised by "do date", with a deadline date tacked on in my Standard Notes daily notes for the next week or two, to digest these down. I think this seriously showcases the role task managers play in one's life. Here are the problems I'm encountering with a dysfunctional task manager:

  1. Not knowing where to start
  2. Not knowing what there is to do
  3. Not knowing what has to be done each day
  4. And it’s looming over my head with guilt because you're not working or starting to work (and it's not a good 'intentional' rest)

It's oh so important to keep your main task manager updated, clutter free, a task and a do date and deadline date for each. Equally important to keep your journal / notes system uncluttered and usable. Clutter and disorganisation discourages the use of systems, defeating their purpose.

After doing this 'cleaning', I should reaffirm my priorities and realign my projects, tasks and time allocation accordingly.

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