Task managers bring order, a place to start, and sets your priorities straight

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Due to the massive number of tasks and projects queued up, I've completely fallen behind in maintaining my task manager. (I use Things 3; not sponsored.)

I have to rebuild a new temporary one, consisting of my projects and tasks organised by "do date", with a deadline date tacked on in my Standard Notes daily notes for the next week or two, to digest these down. I think this seriously showcases the role task managers play in one's life. Here are the problems I'm encountering with a dysfunctional task manager:

  1. Not knowing where to start
  2. Not knowing what there is to do
  3. Not knowing what has to be done each day
  4. And itโ€™s looming over my head with guilt because you're not working or starting to work (and it's not a good 'intentional' rest)

It's oh so important to keep your main task manager updated, clutter free, a task and a do date and deadline date for each. Equally important to keep your journal / notes system uncluttered and usable. Clutter and disorganisation discourages the use of systems, defeating their purpose.

After doing this 'cleaning', I should reaffirm my priorities and realign my projects, tasks and time allocation accordingly.

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