Trends in how I spend my time

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I looked at the trends in how I use my time today.

These activities seem to be inversely correlated- as one rises, the other falls:
Study / assignments
Life improvement activities (writing, planning, research, reading, self-learning...)
Gaming / outings

To be expected probably. Our time is limited. I initially had the hypothesis that my time spent gaming rises as the time I spend studying rises, and I spend more time on life improvement activities when the time I spend studying decreases. This is true to some extent given that I seem to play games right after long periods of studying. Is that a cause or just a correlation? I don't know. But otherwise, this observation is partially true given that as one rises, the others tend to fall, at least during the same day.

Looking into it further, with a view scale of monthly rather than by days, I noticed that gaming DID indeed rise with time spent studying during 2020, but gaming decreased with increased time studying for other years. I wonder if that's because of the pandemic and the resulting time gained from work/study-from-home. Life improvement activities do seem to be inversely correlated with study / assignments.

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