Facing Overcommitment / Overburdening - Forecasts are Inaccurate

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Not too long ago, in mid February, I said that I found my true limit on the number of commitments (with consideration to the depth of each commitment) I can take up at each time.

As with all things in life, things change and are unpredictable. The degree of commitments change- some increase while some decrease. Whether it's due to other people or the nature of the commitment, it's difficult to accurately forecast things.

I now encounter a net increase in the degree of my commitments and feel completely overburdened.

I should

  • Look to drop some or suspend some (suspended two)
  • Delegate tasks away (sent most of one off)
  • Seriously get enough rest... not sleeping is taking a time debt
  • Be honest with myself with how much I can complete each day

How do others deal with overcommitment/overburdening?

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