Spreading your goals and priorities too far apart, and next theme: Laser Focus

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Well, the results for academic results came out and I did not get the outcome I wanted. Even though it wasn't unexpected.

In such cases, which ask: Why? What factors contributed to this outcome?

After reflecting on the outcome of every single course, both the strong and weak performers, my answer this time around was:

I worked on my assignments and other goals and commitments every day rather than studying every day. Many of these other commitments do align with the ideals of my present and future self. Yet, I've spread my goals and priorities too far apart, and these other priorities became detrimental to my academic priorities.

Now, I've sufficiently met enough of my other goals such that I am satisfied. It's now time to converge and focus. To exceed at a particular goal, we must be laser focused on achieving that goal.

Therefore, my theme for the next tertile of the year will be:

Laser Focus. (On academics).

To start cutting out commitments and focus on my now-main goal and priority, my academic results. A lot of other good things happened this year and a lot of other goals have been met this year but now, this takes priority.

Motivation to myself:
I've done it before. I've achieved the exact result I need now just a year and a half ago. I can do it.

To future self:
Role of imagination/framing on achievement?

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Anki (and consistency)?

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