"Who am I?" - A question to ask for long-term planning

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In our childhood, we explore our own identity. Our guardians, peers and education guide us towards asking ourselves what we are and who we are.

After taking my final class today before exams and clinical rotations begin, I asked myself:

"Who am I?"

That's a good signal for me to do tertilely year planning again. To look at what I've achieved in the past few months, review my existing goals and commitments, and to plan for the coming future.

With any big transition, it's a good opportunity to explore how far we've come and how we've changed as time passed.

Going back to the questions we asked ourselves as children, asking ourselves who we are now, and what we want to become is a good way of doing any moderate to long term review (monthly, quarterly, tertilely, yearly). It allows us to evaluate the gap between our past and current self, the gap between our current and future self, and naturally, what we have to do in order to achieve what we want for our future self.

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