Writing as a way to de-stress

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I find that I gravitate towards writing for my digital garden at late nights whenever I feel excessive stress. This has been the case for recent writings here.

Specifically, I write about interesting thoughts and ideas, unrelated to study or work, rather than 'concerning thoughts' and tasks plaguing my short term memory (which are generally related to study or work).

I really wanted to reflect on why this is the case.

It's not necessarily about emptying unnecessary information from my mind. Rather, it feels good to simply think about something else for a while, something unrelated to things I've been constantly working on for that period in time.

Perhaps writing is something that allows one to detach from day to day stressors, just for a little while. Writing allows us to engage with our useful and interesting thinking while allowing us to detach ourselves from our immediate environment and our normal stream of random, cluttered, nagging thoughts.

Writing this piece certainly brought me calm and joy.

I would implore others to try writing about their shower thoughts* and other stuff that interests them whenever they feel excessive stress. You might surprise yourself with the good writing you come up with and the relaxing time that comes with it.

Or maybe it's because I just enjoy writing here and thinking about these topics?

*This was another piece written while I was in the shower (or at least largely thought out in the shower). Shower thoughts are brilliant but can be difficult to capture.

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